Friday, January 16, 2009

I am really suffering from spring fever today. The wind chill is supposed to be -20 and I went and bought all the things I needed to start some new plants for the garden. I got pots, potting mix, and of course flower seeds. I love Shasta Daisies and Black eyed Susan mixed together so that it looks like one big plant when they flower. I bought enough seeds and pots to be able to make a couple of new focal points in the garden for myself as well as one or two for Mom's garden. She loves to look at the flowers but has no clue how to get them the way she wants them. My sister and I seem to do all of her gardening for her...we make her do the weeding though. I also grabbed some seeds to make up few pots of Oriental Poppies. Those are Mom's favorite flower and she still doesn't have any in her garden. I had planted some for her a couple of summers ago in pots. But it was the summer after my dad passed on and she never got around to taking them off teh deck and putting them into the garden. She also forgot to water them so they didn't survive until I could get there to put them into the ground. The last seeds that I bought were English PrimRose. I used to have some at one of my older houses but have never been able to get them since. So when I saw those seeds I grabbed them up really fast. Since it is so cold outside this weekend I think I will enjoy planting up my seeds and dream of summer. I talked to Chris earlier today. Chris is my significant other and he lives in southern California while I am freezing here in Michigan. He was telling me how beautiful it was there as he cruised around on the golf cart at work. If I got on a golf cart right now my hands would freeze to the steering wheel. But I can stay in where it is warm and plant some flowers for the garden and possibly work on some of the garden junk projects that I have been collecting for. I will post pictures of what I accomplish later in the weekend. I would also like to spend time in the studio working on the glass project that has been laying on my work table since late summer. I really need to get it done. If I remember the camera when I go out to work I will post some pictures of my progress on that as well. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend...and staying warm wherever you may be.

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