Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Has anyone ever noticed how fast people start to back peddal when you mention that horrible "C" word....cancer? You really find out fast who really cares and who is in your life for what you can do for them. I am finding this out once again. I was rolling along and thought I had many friends in my life. I found out last week that I have cancer and have to go through treatments again. It is amazing how my phone stopped ringing almost immediately and if someone answers the phone when I call the call is short and sweet. These are people that I have talked to for 2 or more hours at a time before they found out that I was sick. Now the calls might last 5 minutes if I am lucky. The sad thing is that I am usually the last to complain about my situation. I go through the treatments and rarely say a word about not feeling well. I try to contimue to be there for these people no matter how bad I feel. Don't get me wrong. I'm not feeling sorry for myself. It just goes to show you what kind of character people really have. They can say that they are Christians, but I really don't believe that God would approve of this...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wow! It has been a while since I have been here. Life has been keeping me busy and I really haven't had much time to sit still and write. This weekend I don't have much else that I can do. I had surgery again Thursday and not up to doing much.

The past couple of weeks have been busy but in a really good way. It seems that old friends from highschool are coming out of the woodwork. I have seen three of them just since a week ago Friday. Several others have been talking on facebook and through email.

I haven't been doing much glass or garden junk for the past while. I have been tearing the inside of my studio apart and redoing everything. The shelves that were initially in there just didn't work for what I needed to store. The insulation behind them was never put in and the beaded board wasn't up. I tore out all of the shelves out and have put all of the wall insulation in. As soon as I am able to, I will finish the wall board, rework the work tables, and make all new shelving. I want to do it shabby chic/flea market/garden junk style. All of the shelving and display items will be repurposed items. As soon as I get it close to finished I will post pictures. I am enjoying the work, but I will enjoy it more when I can get back to what I do best in a newly finished studio.