Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We have entered my favorite time of year. Spring. I love it, not only because my birthday is the first full day of spring, but also because the world sheds it's winter coat and everything comes alive.

Everything turns green again. Then, when you aren't paying attention, colors are added. One day when you go out to the garden you will see a touch of red, or yellow, white, or purple.

The sun comes out and the world gets warm again. The snow and cold winds are forgotten for a few months. We start wearing Tshirts rather than sweaters. We hear the birds sing their songs celebrating new life. We start to see more small animals in our yards. Then shortly we will get to watch baby animals playing and exploring their new worlds. It is a wonderful time of year that reminds us that God created a beautiful place for us to live our lives.

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of year. I also hope you will all remember to thank God for his wonderful work of art.