Saturday, October 30, 2010

I know! I know! It has been a long time since I have posted. But as you can see, I have been busy making costumes. I haven't photoshopped any of the photos so don't look at the front of the house. I am trying to convince Chris to put new siding on it....maybe next summer.
The first one you see is Courtney as Ariel from the little Mermaid. This costume was made from a pattern for a gypsy or witch costume. I left all of the embellishments and over skirts off and made it the colors of Ariel's day dress. This costume was very inexpensive since I made it from three sheets that I had bought along the way for $4 each. That along with the zipper and this costume cost me a whopping $15. It wasn't difficult to make either and turned out better than any of the store bought ones I have seen.

This is Cody as Beat, A graffiti artist on rollerblades. He is from one of Cody's favorite video games. I can't tell you which one since I have no idea. Cody opted to wear his tennis shoes since most places won't let you enter wearing blades. He also seems to have put his spray paint can down somewhere. Don't worry folks. I didn't arm him with a full spray paint can. We finished up a can of it on his shirt and then sprayed it until it was completely empty. We literally spray painted his shirt after masking it off with contact paper. It bleeds a little under the contact paper but that is the look we were looking for. If I had an airbrush I would have painted it up to look like graffitt. Cody's costume cost me $4 each for two t-shirts and $5 for the glasses and $1 for the gloves( they are magic gloves with the fingers cut out.) So the grand total for his costume was less than $15. Not bad for a halloween can't buy a pre made one for that.

Next we have Snow White. This is Kristine, my daughter Cari's best friend and my third daughter. I made this from the actual pattern and didn't improvise anything but the piping down the front. It was supposed to be yellow but I didn't want to make my own and JoAnn's didn't have any yellow. This one was made in two days crunch time! I really hope the kids give me more time for the next ones. Most of this costume was made from fabric that I had bought for other projects in years past. So I can't say exactly how much it cost me. I would guess between $20 and $25.

Cari's costume was the hardest and most expensive. Between the fabric and accessories, this costume cost well over $300. We made it out of dress satin and organza from a historically correct pattern. all of the buttons are made of fused glass with dichroic glass. She needed two wigs to create her wig. She used one as a base and cut the other one up to make the bun. After these pics were taken, she did more to the wig to make it look more like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She would have loved to have been the Beast but I didn't know where to start with that one and she didn't exactly give me time to think about it. This dress was started last year a week before she was to wear it. Needless to say, it didn't get finished. This year she pulled it out a week before she needed it and we barely got it finished on time. I really have to get it through these kids heads that I need more time than that! I told them to tell me by November 1st what they want to be for Halloween next year.

After the costumes were all finished and the kids figured out how to put them on AND wiggle their way into my car, we went to Great Lakes Crossing mall. The girls wanted to go to the Disney Store to buy plushies. Cari has wanted a bit Beast since she was three...she finally bought one for herself. I wasn't about to spend $99.95 on a stuffed animal. It was a lot of fun at the mall. The little kids were amazed at seeing princesses walking down the mall. One little girl said to her mom that she wanted to be Snow White and then said in awe, "I didn't know there would be REAL PRINCESSES here!." Another little girl was talking to her daddy and stopped mid sentence when her jaw dropped and her eyes got huge and round when she saw the girls. There were a lot of people who stopped the girls and asked to have their picture taken with them. It was a lot of fun and well worth the trip to the mall. I think the girls will want to dress up more often and just walk around the mall! Maybe I should start making and selling costumes. I have made almost all of my kids costumes over the years and they always get so much attention from them. Maybe I should share that with other kids.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween. And a wonderful weekend.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lost a wonderful friend

Yesterday was a hard day for me. I went to a memorail service to say good bye to a wonderful man. His name is Tom but everyone called him T. He was the kind of man who would do anything for anyone if he knew that they needed help. He was there to support you emotionally if you needed it. He was dagnosed with cancer at about the same time I was the last time. We were both going through treatments at the same time. It was hard to say good bye to him.

I keep wondering why I got better as he progressivly got worse. Why was I allowed to live and he wasn't? It doesn't quite seem fair to me. Don't get me wrong. I am greatful that God spared me this time around. But I have to wonder what God has planned for me since he let me be healed. I have been feeling guilty about surviving. I know....stupid....but true.

I tried to explain what I was feeling to Chris last night. I think he was wondering about the kind of relationship I had with T. Which is really crazy. Chris is the only man I even look at since I met him. And besides that, T was old enough to be my dad. He isn't as old as my dad, but his daughter is about the same age as I am. T was just a wonderful friend who really knew how to be a friend.

I'm sorry for dumping this all on you. I just needed to write it all down and get it off my chest. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I had the most amazing week! I finally got to go to California to spend a couple of days with Chris! This is the first time for a lot of things for me. It is the first time I ever flew in an airplane. The flight from Detroit to Phoenix wasn't bad. Long but I didn't have any trouble getting to where I needed to be and the flight was uneventful. Once I landed in Phoenix, things got a little more eventful. I had to leave the airport to get to the terminal I had to be at for my connecting flight to Los Angeles. This meant that I had to take a bus two terminals over and go through security again. Then I had to hurry to find the gate I had to be at. I barely made it. This plane was just a small one and I hadn't had anything to eat or drink all day. I also hadn't had time to take any dramamine. Not good. I was feeling the motion sickness shortly after taking off. I faught it off and didn't get sick. That is until we landed. As soon as we came to a complete stop, I threw up all over myself. I have never been more embarrased that I can remember.

This was also the first time I have ever been further west than St Louis Missouri. And the first time that Chris and I have gotten to spend more than 8 hours at a time together without interruption. It was wonderful! I gave him his birthday present early. I bought him a Uof M sweatshirt since he was wanting one. I knew I won't see him on his birthday so I gave it to him when I got there. He is supposed to come home for Christmas this year.
I don't know if I will get it done for this Christmas, since it is so late in the year, but I plan to take this picture of his Corvette and make a stained glass panel for him. He has wanted one since he bought the car in 2006 but I couldn't get a picture to work from before now.
Thursday night, after an amazing day together, we got the opportunity to watch the most amazing sunset. I am so glad that we had this time together. It made our love stronger/ I know now that I will live out there at some point. I would love for it to be now but since Cody has a few more years of highschool, we will have to wait.
On Saturday, I began my journey home. Since my excuse for being out there was to pick up my new car, I drove back to Michigan. On Saturday, I saw the Rocky Mountains for the very first time. They were amazing. I started into them during day light. I didn't get to see the most amazing areas of them since darkness fell and I had to concentrate on the road rather than look at the scenery. I discovered that they have bugs as big as our birds here in Michigan in Kansas! The first few that hit my windshield, made me duck to try to avoid them. Then I was laughing at myself. It was a long drive home and I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I made it here, but it was worth it. I had the most amazing time out there as well as on my drive back home.
Next year I hope to take a couple of weeks off and drive out and back home. I also hope to have more than a couple of days out there. There is so much more I would have liked to do. If I had had my car while I was there I could have driven down to see my friend Sylvia on Friday while Chris was at work. Next time I also hope to get to take my time driving so that I can stop and take more pictures of the beautiful country that God has given us to live in. I would love to be able to stop for the night when it gets dark so that I don't miss so much of the beauty. As it was, I drove for 15 hours on Saturday before I stopped for the night. Sunday I drove for 16 hours, slept in my car for a couple of hours and drove for a few more hours and slept in my car for another hour before driving the rest of the way home. It was an amazing trip and I look forward to many more in the near future.