Sunday, November 14, 2010

It has been a wonderful weekend. My new schedule, of having every other Saturday off, started this weekend.

The kids and I spent yesterday buying the rest of the things I wanted to fill shoeboxes. Our church collects shoeboxes filled with gifts for children around the world who live in poverty and don't get Christmas gifts. Some of these can't go to school because they don't own a pair of shoes and they have to have them to be allowed in school. I got lucky and found sneakers on clearance sale at Walmart for $3 a pair. I had four boxes started so I bought four pair of shoes. Then I had to get socks to wear with them so that the kids don't get blisters from their new shoes. We also bought things like coloring books and crayons, school supplies, a few small toys, and I filled little stockings with hard candies. I had bought plastic shoe boxes to hold it all but I had too much. We had to search the house to find larger shoe boxes. Then we wrapped the boxes in Christmas wrap. They are now ready to take to the church this coming week.

I enjoy filling the boxes as much as I have always enjoyed filling my own children's Christmas stockings. I can just imagine the smiles on their faces as they discover what is inside the box. I fill them with many of the same things that I used to put in my kids stockings. I pray that these boxes make the children who recieve them very happy. I wish I could do more to make their lives better. I hate to think of children living without so many of the things that we take for granted and wouldn't know what to do without. Can you imagine not having a pair of shoes to put on in the morning? Or a pencil and paper? Toys to play with? May God bless these small children.

I hope you have had as wonderful a weekend as I have. May God bless you all. Have a wonderful week.