Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have been struggling with creative inspiration these past few weeks. I have found a lot of inspiring things here in blogland, but nothing has truely sparked a creative fire inside me. I'm not sure what my problem is, but I hope I figure it out soon. I want so much to be able to get these feelings I am having out. To share them with the world as well as to release them from my heart. I am feeling rather overwhelmed with everything that I am feeling.

Maybe it is being so restricted in what I am physically able to do with my shoulder. Or maybe it is the stress of being out of work until I am able to be treated. Or maybe it is just the sitting home with so many art supplies that is keeping me from getting something going.

If you have any suggestions, please help me out. I really need to get my art on!

Have a wonderful Sunday.



  1. Could be just the winter blues.... nothing a little sunshine and glass of wine couldn't cure. Thanks for visiting by blog. I always love comments.
    aka Junk Palace

  2. Thanks for visiting by blog Micki, hope you will find some inspiration somewhere.

  3. Don't know if I have any suggestions, I have lost my groove a bit too. But when it comes to crafting and creating I always find that just starting something, anything works better than waiting for inspiration. Sometimes it just works the other way around.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your comments. I have been spending time in the studio cleaning and putzing around hoping to get something going. I have managed a couple of small things but nothing to write about yet. I think maybe it is partly the winter blues and also the limited aspect of an arm injury that is keeping me uninspired. I have been wanting to work on some stained glass designs, but am unable to currently do this and it is very discouraging for me. Anni and Lillie, I love both of your blogs and visit them regularly. You are both so talented and inspiring. I truely enjoy browsing and reading what you have to say.