Friday, February 4, 2011

I rescued my sister...

My sister, Ginger called last week to chat. As usual we talked for quite a while about anything and everything. After a while being on the phone she mentioned that she needed to make a baby blanket for a shower gift but she didn't think she would have time to finish it on time. I told her that I had some "Boo Boo Blankets" finished. I think that if I had been standing in front of her, she would have pounced on me.

"Boo Boo Blankets" came about when my baby girls were born 20 years ago. They are small bassinet blankets that are the perfect size for newborns. When the baby scoots forward, like they all do, the blanket scoots with them so that they stay covered all night. I love them when they were tiny and they loved them long after. They became my preemie daughter's security blankets. This was nice because they were a lot smaller than most blankets, making them a lot easier to take along where ever we went. Later they became the chosen blanket to wrap a doll or stuffed animal in. My daughters still have their "boo boos" tucked away in their keepsakes.
I also had a lamb bag which was the natural progression from the trick or treat bags I made for my girls the first year they went out on Halloween. The original ones were jack-o-lanterns. My girls also loved those and wanted to use them to carry their toys around. I made lambs and bunnies as Easter bags but they also make a great small diaper bag for those trips to the grocery store. As the kids get older, they are great for carrying toys on a trip. The shape of them makes them perfect for setting next to the car seat for their toys. The kids can get the handle to get the toys and when they drop the bag back on the seat, it stays put. The burp clothes came about last year when a friend was expecting his first grand child. I thought the lamb burp cloth would be perfect with the bag as a baby gift. The other one is the same shape but without the face. It is flannel on both sides with a layer of terry cloth between to make it very absorbant.
Ginger decided that she would take it all. I think it is the perfect baby gift, and she didn't have to stress over getting something finished and mailed out on time. She couldn't make it to the shower because she had to work, so she had me mail it to her best friend who lived next door to the mother to be.

This is what the package looked like before I closed up the box and took it to the post office to ship. Oh the little key chain tied onto the package is a prayer charm. Just a little reminder that God will always be with the little bundle of joy. It has beads and glitter inside the small bottle along with a Bible verse that tells us that all babies are a gift from God. The keychain is a gift for the mom to be. It is something that I put into all of my orders. I change the verse to fit the gifting situation.
May God bless you all!

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