Monday, February 14, 2011

Is anyone else tired of Valentines Day?

Hey! don't get me wrong. I am in love with the most wonderful man out there and I love to hear him tell me Happy Valentine's Day and I love you. I also love to tell him these things. But seriously! Come on. I have been seeing blog posts related to valentine's day since New Years. I know that you are all a lot more creative than you are showing, and I am really tired of seeing crafts every day for a month with hearts and roses. These posts have really gotten old especially when I see at least 10 posts of cupcakes and another 100 of the same or very slightly different craft every day. I would suggest that maybe the weekend before Valentine's Day, you post one creative idea to share with others on the subject, and maybe mention it the actual day of the holiday and then get on with things. You aren't the only one posting out here and after reading 300 blogs posting Valentine's Day stuff every day for a month and a half, I am over it. I really don't care if anyone else wishes me a Happy V Day today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I promise that tomorrow I will be back to myself and in a happy day mood. I don't plan to read any more valentine's day posts before next year and if you start posting valentine's day posts before next year, I won't read them.


  1. LOL! A little honesty! Yikes!

    I love Valentine's Day. BUT! I have to say that of all the days that are "made up" V-Day is totally "made up"! And if you notice...the clearance aisle is the most tacky looking. :)

    It's okay though.... we being attacked by Leprechauns now! :)

  2. Yikes! Not into leprechauns either. But honestly haven't seen any leprechaun posts in blogland yet, so all is good. I am so ready for spring and flowers and such.