Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today has been a good day. Nothing exciting happened to make it special. It was just one of those days that you just enjoy. It started in the usual way. A shower...get dressed and throw my hair up into a ponytail. My ex husband came over to put the kitchen cabinets back on my kitchen walls and sand the drywall that he patched a couple of weeks ago. I know...most ex husbands wouldn't do things like that for you, but mine does. We are better friends now that we are divorced than we ever were when we were together. Last night my daughter wanted to go to our favorite frozen custord place but they were closed before we could get their. It will be my twins 20th birthday next weekend and since they will be with their dad, we decided to celebrate this weekend instead. Courtney decided that she wanted to spend her time with her friend Tommy so Cari and Cody and I went out by ourselves. We went out to dinner and then went to Borders to pick up a book that Cari wanted. Since we couldn't get custard last night, we went this afternoon. We were going to catch a movie too, but since we were under a winter weather advisory and it was snowing like crazy when we left, we decided to just grab a couple of movies for me and a video game for each of the kids to play at home.

The evening has been quiet and relaxing. I have watched my movies each twice through. I loved Eat Pray Love when I saw it in the theater and wanted to see Letters to Juliet but didn't get to see it in the theater so I bought them both today. The kids have been playing their games. I have also been blog hopping and found a great one with a lot of organizing tips. ( I found a lot of great ideas on this blog that I plan to use to reorganize my studio. I also found a lot of wonderful gift ideas that I look forward to making and giving.
Like I said, nothing wonderful or exciting happened to make the day special. It has just been a great day. I hope you have all had a wonderful day as well.

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  1. Sometimes it is the most ordinary of days that stand out as extraordinary. A blessed birthday wish to your daughters!