Monday, March 7, 2011


Oh My Gosh! If you all remember, I entered the matchbox exchange over at the Speckled Egg. I recieved one of my boxes on Saturday and the other one today. I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful things that these ladies managed to get into these was too much for the matchboxes so they both placed things within the box that the matchbox was shipped in. This first box is the one I recieved from Lisa over at

I love those rosettes on top of the box. It was decorated beautifully as you can see.
Iside it I found all of this wonderful stuff! There are crocheted flowers, tags, buttons and punched flowers along with other embellishments. I look forward to creating something with all these wonderful items.
Here is a closeup of the buttons, punched flowers, the crystal charm, and the decorated inside of the box. I'm sorry for the crummy picture. I lost my natural light and the flash went off. Thank you so much Lisa. I love it all so much and can't wait to start creating with it all.
This is a picture of the top of the box that I recieved from Kathy over at It is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. I was overwhelmed by all that Kathy sent to me!
Just look at all this wonderful stuff! I can't even begin to describe it all! There are all kinds of ephemera to use in projects along with tags, charms, buttons, flowers, lace and ribbons. I was completely amazed at everything.
Here is a close up of just some of the wonderful things that Kathy put into the box that carried the box. There is no way that it could have all been placed into the matchbox. Thank you so very much Kathy. I don't even have words that cover how grateful I am for everything that you sent.
Thank you Theresa for hosting this exchange. I had so much fun both making and filling the boxes that I sent out as well as the anticipation and excitement of recieving the boxes from these wonderful ladies. I look forward to another swap. I am more prepared for the next one since this was my first.


  1. MIcki , So glad you had fun in the swap , especially since it was your first -- I "LOVED " what you sent me - Hope you enter more fun swaps -- Blessings Kathy - ga ♥
    p.s. had trouble posting to blogs the last few days -- tried to post earlier

  2. Hi Micki,
    Oh wow, I love all your treasures--it is amazing all these goodies--WOW!

    And I so totally agree with you about how history will remember this time (I wanted to see if others felt the same way) and I think I'm going to write a book about it...I am a writer for the newspaper and I would like to approach a publisher with this idea...I think it gives validity to all that each on of us is doing, creating, and writing about. It may shed light on this amazing phenomenon...

    As I've read the comments, I'm thinking that so many others are touched by their own personal experiences and friendships and I think that would be an awesome topic that could even bring more people to creativity--or sharing what they already create!

  3. WOW Great treasures and lots of them!!

    Thanks for your visit to my place and suggestion about soldering my watch parts together for a wall hanging, but, I have yet to learn to solder!
    Add it to the ever growing list I guess. =)

    blessings and get better soon.
    barbara jean