Thursday, August 18, 2011

You are my heros

Those of you who manage to find enough time to do the art, take and edit awsome pictures, and post every day are my heros. I try and try to get it all timed correctly to make this happen on my blog but I always seem to have too few hours in each day. Someday it could happen. I will keep trying til I get it all figured out. I have been working on the jewlery for my niece's wedding. I finished the last brides maids jewlery tonight. Tomorrow I will try to get some really good pictures and get them edited. If I have time, I will post them tomorrow night. If not it will happen over the weekend. Katrina has been bugging me for pictures since I told her I had her's done and the first brides maids, flower girl's and jr bride's done. I have been putting her off because I really want to be able to watch her face when she sees it for the first time. They are having a birthday party for her little girl next weekend and I plan to give it to her then. That way they will have it for final fitting of dresses for everyone.
I have also been working on my livingroom floor for the past two weeks. It took so long because I had to work around the furniture. I would work on a small section, wait for it to dry, move all the furniture, and work on another small section. I put the last coat of sealer on the small strip that I had to leave so that I could get into and out of my bedroom. I will take pictures of the new floor as soon as I get the furniture back to where it belongs.
Now I have to get to work on a birthday present to take to the party next weekend, my dress for the wedding, and the jewlery to go with it, along with my mom's, and both of my daughter's jewlery and dresses. I also need to finish the trim in the livingroom now that the floor is finished, and finish the drywall that was destroyed when the roof leaked in the kitchen and mudroom. This is all along with working on art to stock my new etsy shop, creating a new logo, figuring out the new website for registering businesses in Michigan and getting my EIN number. I am going to be a busy girl. Is there any way to suspend time so that I can get it all done? Just kidding. I know that I just have to keep plugging along. I got behind in the months that I couldn't do anything because of my shoulder. I am still limited in my physical activity and will be for a while longer, but it is improving every day.
For now I am going to try to get some sleep so that I can get in a full day tomorrow. I hope you all have had a great day and will have a wonderful night.

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