Friday, December 23, 2011

I've been busy making snowmen! Not just any snowmen but special presents for my favorite puppies. Yes! These are dog toys for my agressive chewer and all his friends. They are so cute. I might just have to make some to just keep in a basket near the back door for decoration this winter!Isn't that just the cutest face ever? Hopefully they will last longer than the average dog toy around here. I can buy the Kong stuffed squeak toys for Jaws and Java and they last five minutes tops! I made some balls in a similar way for Jaws and Java this fall. They lasted a week! And that was with very agressive play. That is an eternity around here.
These two will be staying here with Jaws and Java.

These two are for my grandpuppies Fizz and Cairo. If anyony would like to buy these, I will take orders. Just send me an email.

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