Sunday, February 12, 2012

Excited and Scared...

That's right...I'm excited and a little scared.
I have decided to buy my own domain so that I can put my blog, web page and shops all on one site.
I have wanted to do this for a long time, but have never taken the step to get it done.
Today while Courtney was here, we dove in. I had decided to go with Site 5 as my server upon recommendation from some of my fellow bloggers. People I have followed for a while and have grown to trust.

So today Courtney and I decided on which program would be best for me, and Courtney started the work of putting it all together. She got quite a bit finished, but has a long way to go. When it is all ready, I will let you all know where to find me. At first I will be continuing my blog here with a link to it there. Eventually I will open my blog there. It is exciting because it will give me more freedom in where I want to go. It will also be a unifying place for my web page, blog and shops. It is a little scarey too because it is a big step for me. Computers and I are not always on speaking terms. Thankfully, I have Courtney to help me get through it.
Hopefully we can get it all up and running very soon. I will let you all know where to find us as soon as we do.