Saturday, June 2, 2012

I WANT A SHOWER!  I haven't had water since last Sunday....and then the pressure was so low the shower was a trickle.  We called a friend of Chris who does plumbing to come fix it.  The first call went out on Monday.  I didn't expect him to respond before Tuesday. Then it took both Chris and I calling him to get a response.  He told Chris that he would call me and set up a time to come out...but he didn't call. Then Chris called his other friend who works with the first.  He told Chris he would be out Wednesday or Thursday to fix the pump. Needless to say he didn't show up or call.  By Friday Chris was livid.  He called the second friend again.  This time he promised to be here Friday to get it done.  He didn't show up, call, or respond to Chris' calls.  Finall Friday night, Chris called his brother John to come check it out.  He stopped this afternoon to check it out and will be back in the morning to try to get it done...that is, if he can get a pump tomorrow...

It has been a really long week.  Kind of like rustic camping at home.  We have hauled so much water from my ex-husband's house to flush the toilet and do mimimal washing up. I really want my water back SOON! 

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