Friday, December 14, 2012

Years ago, before I had children and when they were young, I made all of my Christmas gifts and cards.  I loved doing this.  The planning of the perfect creative gift for each recipient and making them throughout the year.
 Then I started working at the Post Office.  With this, I kind of lost the love of Christmas I always had when I was younger.  I am exhausted when I get home at this time of year. Never feel like going shopping to get the gifts.  My kids kept giving me their list later and later in the year and I felt pressured to buy from that list or they would be disappointed.  This year, I was diagnosed with cancer again in the fall.  When I would have normally been scouring the malls for gifts, I was going through chemo and was very sick.  The medical bills have been mounting so the money isn't there to spend on what the kids want.  I was feeling more stressed than ever.  I was dreading the holiday that has always been my favorite.
 I prayed about it and had an overwhelming feeling of peace.  Then I decided that I was setting a tight budget for gifts.  Anyone I hadn't bought for before I got sick was only getting a small gift of $25 or less.  Then I bought the tickets to Glory of Christmas, the show that our church puts on every year.  The kids and I went to that the Thursday after Thanksgiving.  I am still feeling stressed over work and the tests that I have to go in for next week, but I am no longer dreading Christmas. 
Next year, I have already decided that if I can't make it, noone will get it.  I am looking forward to creating the perfect gift for all of my loved ones.  Things that they will treasure long after I am gone.    I hope you all enjoy your holiday season to the fullest. 

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