Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Was at Mom's for the holiday weekend.  Ginger and I had out annual art show and gift shoppe at His House, next to New Beginnings Church in Mc Bain Michigan. 

While I was there Mom had to go to Christie's Potting Shed in Marion.  I didn't go with her since I had to finish painting a sign to put out for the show.  When she was there Christie noticed her pendant and asked where she had gotten it. Of course it was one I had made so she proudly told her that her daughter made it.  Christie asked her to have me stop inand show her what I had. She wanted to display and sell them in her gift shop.  On Monday morning Ginger, Mom and I stopped in there while we were out putting flowers on the graves of Dad and our Grandparents.  She took a look at the pendants as well as my portfolio and asked me to get them ready for display and bring them back in.  She also wants some of my stained glass stepping stones and other garden art. 

I pray that this is the beginning of something good.  If you happen to be in the area, please check out my work as well as Ginger's pins and pendants made from aluminum cans.  Christie's is full of wonderful art, antiques and garden items as well as all the plants to have in your garden!

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